5 Quick Tips To A Healthier Thanksgiving

As our American readers will soon celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought a few quick tips would be appropriate on how to enjoy the holidays without worrying too much about your waistline.

  1. Eat and drink in moderation – As obvious as it may seem, some people can still go overboard when it comes to the amount of food and alcohol they consume during Thanksgiving. Drinking a glass or two of water before and during the meal will trick your brain into thinking you’re full and therefore help limit your intake of excess food and alcohol.
  2. Skinless white meat is best – Turkey is full of protein and tasty bird indeed, however the skin and dark meat are packed with calories. Try to avoid them if you can and opt for the white meat sans the skin.
  3. Skip the stuffing – I know this sounds like torture for some people but most stuffing recipes use white bread as a foundation. White bread is a refined grain and all it ends up doing is soaking up the butter and oil in the turnkey, making it a really high calorie dish. Instead try using a stuffing made from brown or wild rice…preferably prepared and served outside the turkey as a side dish. 
  4. Have veggies for dessert – No I don’t mean resorting to steamed mixed vegetables for your dessert...I meant having pumpkin pie instead of other calorie-laden options like pecan pie. For the crust, try using crushed ginger snaps, butter and pecan nuts. Top off your pumpkin pie with grated dark chocolate (a fantastic pairing with pumpkin believe it or not) for a healthy and decadent dessert packed full of antioxidants.
  5. Make your own cranberry sauce – Those convenient cans of cranberry sauce are just that…convenient, nothing more. In fact, they’re usually very high in preservatives and sugar. There are loads of recipes online on how to make your own cranberry sauce. Besides being a healthier option, it’ll also be much tastier.

Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate with your family, friends and those close to you…not a time to focus on the dinner table and meal ahead.

It may be difficult with the delicious aromas coming out of the kitchen and the notion that it’s only one day of the year… but by maintaining some resilience and following the abovementioned tips, you’re more likely to enjoy a healthier Thanksgiving than before.

On behalf of everyone at Xtend-Life, Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers and their families.

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