A Big Mac Record...

What do you think about this? A guy in the US has just ‘celebrated’ eating his 25,000th Big Mac. He certainly has an obsession for these burgers. He even keeps the wrappers! But, according to the doctors he is not in bad ‘health’ for his age.

Not sure what that means and how they are measuring that. Most 57 year old men are not exactly in good health anyway.

The reality is that it is impossible to be anywhere optimal health on such a diet. Did you ever see the documentary 'Supersize Me' I think it was called in which some guy lived on hamburgers for a number of weeks and his vital signs were measured.

The deterioration was quite significant over a relatively short period, so much so that his doctors encouraged him to cut the experiment short as they were worried about him getting seriously ill.

Maybe he took supplements to help avoid getting sick on such a nutritiously poor diet, or maybe he is one of these lucky people who have exceptionally good genes.

Irrespective there is no doubt in my mind that he is certainly reducing his life expectantly short, but most importantly he is setting himself up for some serious degenerative disease. His organs will be all working overtime to keep him functioning and at some point they will just give up through lack of quality fuel.

You can see a little article about this by clicking here.

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