A New Year Means A New You

New Year’s resolutions have become a cliché of themselves. This is because many people feel that they need to start the New Year off with a ‘promise’ that the next 365 days will be spent exercising, eating healthy and generally improving your well-being.

Unfortunately, despite all good intentions, some people cannot stick to their resolutions for a host of reasons…such as stress, workloads and the deadly lure of ‘convenient’ junk food. If you’re planning on following a healthier path in 2011, this article should help give you a better idea of how to stay on track and improve your health as the year progresses.

One of the main reasons why many New Year’s resolutions aren’t successful is because they don’t often begin on the ‘start date’ of January 1st. This usually results in the person saying: “Oh well, missed it for this year, may as well try again next year.” Try to not wait until the first day of 2011, start now…this will help you gain solid momentum when the New Year kicks-off.

Now, we understand that this may be difficult with the holidays around the corner and many businesses closing their doors until early-January. Many people simply want to sit back, relax and reflect on the year that was…diet, exercise and improving your health may very well be the last things on your mind.

This is where a little bit of motivation and proper nutrition come in. As you may already know, optimizing your nutritional intake every day is vital for good health and wellbeing…including your physical, mental and emotional health. Considering the amount of high-calorie meals and excessive alcohol that tend to be consumed during the month of December, it’s no wonder that some people will fail their New Year’s resolutions before they’ve even begun.

The combination of too many calories, the delayed onset of relaxation following a busy year and even the often overlooked ‘stress’ of travelling to or organizing family parties can all take a toll on the body and mind.

By ensuring your body is getting the optimal daily amount of nutrients, minerals, enzymes and vitamins will not only help you function better but it may also improve your energy and mood. Supplementing with products like Total Balance and Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil are perfect ways to get the right ingredients your body needs.

This means that by the time the New Year comes around, you will be ready to take your regime to the next level; combining your supplement intake of Total Balance and Omega 3 with regular exercise, relaxation techniques and a well balanced diet making 2011 one of the best years you’ve had as far as health is concerned.

Of course we’re not saying that you should only drink water and follow a strict diet during the holidays. Enjoying time with your family and friends over a good meal with a glass or two of your favourite beverage is fantastic for your emotional wellbeing, just try not to go too overboard!

You could even take a friendly wager or competition with your friends and family on who can be the most active and fit during the holidays…the winner’s prize, for example, could be that they don’t have to do the dishes during the next social gathering. A fun game like this may help boost your mood, social interaction and ultimately your fitness levels.

Set your health and wellness goals for 2011 now and use the last remaining days of 2010 to build a platform of nutrition and exercise so that you’re already rolling out those goals by the time the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.

If you would like to plan your supplement regime for 2011, or would simply like to get your next supply of Xtend-Life supplements before the New Year starts, let us know today.

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