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A Vaccine for High Blood Pressure?

For a lot of people who suffer from high blood pressure, the general long-term regime is a daily dose of pills and constant monitoring of the readings with regular doctor visits. In recent news reports it has been indicated that a so-called 'vaccine' is being worked on and tested that may be able to put a stop to this intake of pills. Is this however solving the problem, or just causing more?

The thing that people tend not to realize is that high blood pressure isn't a condition in itself. Therefore it isn't something that we should look to treat as an individual entity.

Raised blood pressure (or indeed any fluctuation in blood pressure, whether high or low) is merely a symptom. It is an indication of something wrong in the cardio, circulatory or even nervous system. It is the body's way of warning us that something needs attention.

The news report was trying to establish how much better life would be for people if they could simply have a jab for high blood pressure and do away with daily tablets. But would this really be as miraculously effective as it sounds? And what would be the consequences?

Well, first of all, at the present time blood pressure is controlled with various drugs... Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, such as Lotensin, Mavik, Monopril, Aceon, Capoten, Prinivil, Accupril, Vasotec, Altace, Univasc and Zestril; and Angiotensin-2 (AT-2) receptor blockers, such as Atacand, Cozaar, Avapro, Micardis and Teveten. In both cases these drugs block the action of a molecule that causes the blood vessels to tighten and therefore to raise the pressure within the blood vessels.

The trial vaccine is designed to work in the same way. So it isn't actually any kind of improvement, just a direct alternative, using similar synthetics.

In either case, whether injection or tablet, nothing is actually being done to help the underlying cause of the BP rise (Only to prevent the symptom).

This is similar to taking painkillers for a headache. It's not curing the cause of the headache, only suppressing the nerve endings that are allowing us to feel pain. We all know that if we get continuous headaches we would do more than just continue to take headache pills. We would ask ourselves why we are getting the headaches in the first place, as our brain would acknowledge the fact that there is something wrong. Although getting the odd headache here and there is normal, getting continuous headaches isn't.

So, why don't we do the same with blood pressure?

If you have a rise in blood pressure temporarily (say due to temporary stress situation), but like a headache, this went away when the temporary cause was gone, then you don't usually need treatment. Just concentrate on your general health. If however, you have continual high blood pressure requiring treatment to lower it, the question should come up at some stage... what is causing this and what can I do about the cause to prevent this longer-term?

I am not sure why the term 'vaccine' was used for this potential blood pressure 'cure'. Where a potential 'vaccine' is concerned, this is a bit of a contradiction in terms. The definition of a vaccine is "...a substance given to stimulate the body's production of antibodies and provide immunity against a disease, prepared from the agent that causes the disease, or a synthetic substitute...". Does this sound like blood pressure? Raised blood pressure isn't a disease, and isn't caused by a foreign body, viral or bacterial. It is ridiculous to think that blood pressure can be 'cured' with a 'vaccine'!

Nearly 1 in 3 people, at some point, will suffer from high blood pressure. It is a little disconcerting to realize, given how many BP drugs are prescribed every day, that only 1 of those people in every 3, as a result of the complicated mix of tablets often required for treatment, actually gets their blood pressure under control using this method.

The so-called 'vaccine' has been introduced to try to right this above statistic. But if it works in the same way as the drugs, what difference will it make?

So, what can be done alternatively?

Well, first of all it is important to say that if your blood pressure is indeed at emergency level and considered an acute problem, in line with any cardio issues you already have, then it is of course important to follow your doctor's emergency drug advice for the short-term.

Longer-term, or if your problem is not severe, the key is to work on healthy lifestyle changes, improve your diet, your daily fluid intake, and exercise level (cardio and relaxation/breathing exercises – it is very important to do both), and good supplementation to help the cardio system and your general health.

Cardio-Klenz is specifically for the cardiovascular system, helping to improve blood vessel integrity and strength, blood consistency, muscle strength, including the heart muscle, and of course arterial cleansing, helping to keep the arteries clear of deposits and prevent narrowing (the most major cause of chronic high blood pressure).

I would recommend 6 per day of Cardio-Klenz ideally for this purpose (Minimum of 4 per day).

Omega 3/QH Ultra contains not only pure fish oil to help reduce inflammation and strengthen blood vessel walls, but also contains CoQ10, helping to provide cardio energy and more powerful blood flow (without exerting the heart muscle or causing faster beats). I would recommend 4-6 per day for this purpose.

These 2 essential supplements are a potential alternative that may help you to avoid or begin to wean off blood pressure meds, under your doctor's supervision of course, and aim towards a longer-term actual solution by strengthening the cardio system, rather than becoming reliant on suppressant drugs and their potential side effects.

Total Balance would be excellent to add in addition to the above, for a full 3-formula protocol, at full daily dose (we have versions to suit everyone), to help supply nutrients that may be lacking in the body due to cardio stressors, as well as nutrients that can help to support the above formulas and help to strengthen the surrounding systems and organs.

Neuro-Natural Serenity can be added if your blood pressure cause is due to anxiety or depression or excessive stress; or Neuro-Natural General could be added if this isn't the case but you want more protection of your nervous system in relation to this potential.

With a good 'whole' approach like this, your chances of not only controlling your blood pressure, but improving your overall health, without adverse effect, improve greatly also. And without a 'vaccine' in sight!

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