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    Sarah M of Miami writes:

    I have been looking into a product which is a sublingual HGH spray. Do they work and is there actually HGH in them because I thought that you can only get genuine HGH by prescription?


    Warren Matthews replies:

    Good question. The correct term for HGH is rGH which stands for recombinant Growth Hormone and which is commonly referred to as HGH or Human Growth Hormone. This is a hormone that is synthesized from a bacteria and for all intents is identical to the genuine human hormone. This is what is used for HGH injections and can only be purchased by prescription.

    However, the FDA does allow the use of rGH in dietary supplements if the dose rate does not exceed 2,000ngs. (nanograms). But this dose is only about 1/10,000th of the doses used in the studies which are often referred to by marketers of these products. In addition to this any rGH which is in these products would be rendered useless by their method of storage. rGH is a very fragile and large molecule and must be handled carefully and kept refrigerated when suspended in a liquid. When it is exposed to the environment such as in these retail bottles it will have lost its potency before the customer even gets it. That is assuming that there was any rGH in the bottle to start off with because the suppliers will not provide their customers with an assay of their products.

    But, it doesn't end there! Even if there was intact and undamaged HGH molecules in the substance which you spray into your mouth it would be rendered impotent instantly afterwards. The claim that it is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth is absolute nonsense. The molecule simply cannot pass through because it is to big... and that is a scientifically proven fact. Interestingly, when I raised this question with the President of a Company selling one of these products he admitted this was true and said that the HGH was got into the blood stream via 'energy transfer'! Unless you believe in magic, don't waste your money on these HGH sprays.

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