Another Earthquake...

    Well, New Zealand and in particular Christchurch is certainly living up to its name ‘shaky islands’. Yesterday we had two quakes in quick succession. The first a 5.7 and shortly after a 6.3 at a depth of just 6kms!

    The location of it was similar to the one in February, but the damage was not as severe, probably due to the fact that most of the buildings that were going to come down have already done so.

    There has been a lot of liquefaction as in the last one but that will be cleaned up quickly. By the way, they estimated that there was over 500,000 tonnes of liquefaction removed from the last quake. Anyone got a good use for half a million tons of silt? :)

    In so far as Xtend-Life is concerned the impact is far less than last time. We expect to be back in production by the end of this week and attending to customers hopefully by tomorrow.

    We learnt quite a lot from the last quake and are now better prepared. Our buildings all seem OK but will be checked today by structural engineers.

    Shipments will be back to normal and the maximum delays that this will have caused to customers will be three days. I apologise for that.

    We were ready to release both the Digesten-K and the new Facewash next week. That may still be possible but we may have to delay it a few days whilst we attend to getting everything else back to normal.

    Fortunately this time there appears to have been no loss of life in Christchurch. You can get some more info about the latest earthquake by clicking here.

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