Be careful with Hand Sanitizer if you have young kids

Earlier this week, there was a report on the news in New Zealand about a 7 year old child that almost died from licking hand sanitizer from her hands.

She was in a coma for over 12 hours before they finally revived her. Turned out that she had a serious case of alcohol poisoning! I have since learned of other similar cases in other countries including the US in which young children have eaten or licked the sanitizer from their hands and suffered alcohol poisoning. Some of these sanitizers are up to 60% alcohol.

What makes these products potentially even more dangerous is that there are flavors put into the mix which some children find tasty. Whereas a lick or two may make them a little 'dopey' temporarily, and extra squirt or two may find them in the hospital emergency room... or, worse it could kill them... so be careful if you have young children or grandchildren.

Stick to the soap and water...

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