Being slowly killed by Prescription Drugs?

Question: from Mary

I recently am dating a wonderful guy but has numerous cardio problems as well as being diabetic type II, He also has a defibrillator and is under numerous prescription meds that seem to be doing more harm than good.


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He supposedly had 3 heart attacks but doesn't remember having them. Also supposedly a stroke. I believe he was used as a guinea pig for this defibrillator as it almost killed him by shorting out 19 times and was never notified of a recall on it. He is 49 yrs old.

He experiences extreme pain in legs, knees, shoulders, feet and has ED. Now he is starting to experience problems with his eyes and headaches. I think these doctors have him on so many drugs his body is trying to fight them. Also fatigue is a factor and some pain in the kidney area. Oh, by the way they did a test on his kidneys a while back and injected him with iodine.

This poor guy has been through hell. Being diabetic and very conscious of his blood sugar and checks this regularly and is under control as well as his blood pressure. A better diet has been my main concern but have recently started investigating these prescripions. He recently had bloodwork done and would like to get back with you once I get the results.

After he showed me the meds he was on I started looking them up:
Lovistatin 40mg, Lisinopril 40mg, glyburide 5mg, actos 30mg hydrochlorothiazide 50mg, aspirin 75mg, hydrocodone 750 mg 4 per day.

After investigating this cholesterol drug Lovistatin I totally understand why he is feeling fatigued, nauseated in mornings dry heaves, muscle weekness, fatigue, chronic pain in knees, feet and shoulders, fever, headaches.

Then there is the pain medication which he tries to avoid except when necessary. As you can imagine he is in a lot of pain. I would like to see him get on your Cardio Support, Omega 3 and/or Total Balance.

With a good diet and exercise (loves to bike) and is in good physical shape, I would love to see him get off this statin drug as soon as possible. I bet that would take care of alot of his problems including ED. Would it be possible to integrate some of these natural alternatives and slowly wean him of this statin drug and possibly any other prescriptions he's on.

He religiously follows his doctor's advice but all these medicines will ultimately be his demise by destroying his organs. I love him and want him to get healthy and live a normal life. Most doctors, though, frown on natural alternatives because they don't increase their bottom line.

Please help me save him.

Answer: from Warren

There is no doubt in my mind that if your man continues on this regime that he will not be long for this world. I find it both amazing and irresponsible for the Doctors to have him on all this medication.

I am not a Doctor but after just spending a few minutes on a data base I was able to determine that many of these drugs that he is on are incompatible with each other. If you go to and look up the individual drugs and then review the drugs that they should not be combined with, then you will see what I am referring to.

It is no wonder that he is in pain and I would bet any amount of money that he will NEVER regain his health under this regime. With taking all these meds I would be amazed if he didn’t have ED.

So, the question is what can he do about it?

I agree that if he is able to be weaned off the drugs and have them substituted with the products that you refer to, then this combined with diet and exercise should see him being to be restored to good health, provided that none of his organs have been damaged excessively by the drugs.

The biggest challenge that you have and indeed many people have with their partners (particularly if the patient is a man) is convincing him that there is a better way and that his current regime will kill him, sooner or later.

Without a change of mind set which has to come from him then the task to regain his health will be impossible! He has to realize that the Doctors are not god and that they are only trained for drug intervention. They do not fully understand the interactions of drugs…and indeed even the drug companies do not know all the answers.

They certainly are not trained in natural alternatives and as such stay away from them. There is also the matter of liability. They can treat a patient and if the person dies there is no risk to them provided they followed correct medical protocols. However, if they used a natural alternative and the patient died then they could potentially be sued.

Unfortunately I cannot directly advise on what your partner should do in order to change his regime as there are too many drugs involved and to many life threatening issues he is faced with.

This is what I would suggest.

You find a Doctor who is experienced in natural therapies but is also a conventional Doctor and familiar with drugs. There are Doctors around that fit within this category. A good starting point would be to go to and find some in your area.

Then set up an appointment with a Doctor who shares the philosophy of avoiding drugs where possible and then work with him/her to start replacing the current drug regime with a natural one. Make sure you find one who does not sell supplements as many of them do and they tend to be quite basic and not up to the standard of Xtend-Life ones. In order for a new regime to work you cannot afford to compromise on quality or efficacy.

Refer the Doctor to our website and let him/her know that we are available to assist in any way that we can.

If you are able to follow these suggestions and most importantly that this is what your partner wants I am confident that the end result will be successful.

Good luck…keep in touch and let me know how it goes.

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