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    For many of our Customers, this is the time of year in which they celebrate Christmas and have some holidays.  For others, their time of celebration is at a different time of the year.  Whichever culture that you come into, we all have one thing in common and that is we are nearing the end of 2011.

    For many people this has been a very trying year, what with both natural disasters and a financial system that is in chaos.  We have certainly had our share of natural disasters here in Christchurch with the devastating earthquakes.  Since the big one in February there has I believe been around 6,000 aftershocks.

    But, the disaster here in Christchurch is minor when compared to the devastation in Japan that followed just a month later.  The world media certainly focused on that and in particular the risk of radiation exposure.

    No doubt 2012 will be another challenging year, what with the economy, on-going battles with excessive regulation, and no doubt a few more natural disasters thrown into the mix.  These various events do have a negative impact on many people and as such can affect a person’s health.  It is important that you do not allow problems, whatever the source to affect your sense of well-being or inner peace.  Just remember that you cannot change ‘what has already happened’.  Don’t allow negative events to ‘eat you up’. If you accept them, then they will not have any power over you and as such your health will not be affected.  When you are in a position to make positive changes then you can do so without any burdens.

    Finally, THANK YOU to all our loyal customers who have supported us again during 2011.  The Xtend-Life ‘family’ has grown quite a lot during this year as a result of this support.  We look forward to be of continuing service to you next year, no matter what may be around the corner.

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