Bio-attack with smallpox! Are you and your family at risk? What are the facts?

    Since 9/11 there has been much discussion and in some cases paranoia about the risk of terrorists using biological weapons in America. First there were the anthrax scares. Anthrax was responsible for a number of deaths but the risk of mass fatalities was subsequently found to be overstated.

    More recently however the public has become concerned about the implications of the release of the dreaded smallpox virus into the community by terrorists.

    As always, whenever an issue is raised which could potentially affect the health of the entire population of a country some individuals and Corporations both big and small will endeavor to fuel public fears and seek a way in which to profit from it.

    We saw an example of this with anthrax preventative 'cures' that proliferated for a while with a number of unscrupulous businesses until the FTC was able to shut them down. Unfortunately, not before a considerable number of people had parted with their hard earned money for totally useless 'remedies' and in some cases decidedly harmful ones.

    Profiting from Smallpox?

    With regard to smallpox I will predict that before long we will see another round of marketing, this time playing on the fears that the general population have towards smallpox. This marketing will be directed around offering products to build up your immunity. Whereas everyone should make a real effort to improve their own immunity and resistance to disease it should not be done solely on the basis of 'manufactured' scare tactics.

    The purpose of this issue of XTEND-YOUR-LIFE is to give you the true facts about smallpox so you do not have to fear the unknown.

    The following information about smallpox has been extracted directly from the "Public Forum on Smallpox" held on June 8, 2002 in St. Louis, Missouri conducted by the CDC. (Center for Disease Control). The 'myths' that you are about to read are brief extracts from a report prepared after this forum by Dr Sherri Tenpenny a well recognized authority on the subject. I will give you a link to her site later in case you wish to read her more detailed report.

    Here we go with the true facts about smallpox...

    Myth # 1. Smallpox is highly contagious!

    "Smallpox has a slow transmission and is not highly contagious," stated Joel Kuritsky, MD, director of the National Immunization Program and Early Smallpox Response and Planning at the CDC. This statement is a direct contradiction to nearly everything we have ever heard or read about smallpox. However, keep in mind that this comes "straight from the horse's mouth" and should be considered the "real story" regarding how smallpox is spread.

    Even if a person is exposed to a known bioterrorist attack with smallpox, it doesn't mean that he/she will contract smallpox. The signs and symptoms of the disease will not occur immediately, and there is time to plan. The infection has an incubation period of 3 to 17 days,[i] and the first symptom will be the development of a high fever (>101º F), accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache, severe abdominal cramping and low back pain. The person will be ill and most likely bed-ridden; not out mixing with the general public.

    Even with a fever, it is critically important to realize that at this point the person is still not contagious. However, if a smallpox infection is developing, the characteristic rash will begin to develop within two to four days AFTER the onset of the fever. The person becomes contagious and has the ability to spread the infection ONLY after the development of the rash.

    Myth # 2. Smallpox is easily spread by casual contact with an infected person.

    Not true! Transmission of smallpox occurs only after intense contact, defined as "constant exposure of a person who is within 6-7 feet for a minimum of 6-7 days." As Dr Orenstein says "smallpox will NOT spread like wildfire".

    Myth # 3. The death rate from smallpox is 30%.

    Dr. Tom Mack, one of the speakers at the CDC public forum is an expert on Smallpox with extensive experience in outbreaks in Pakistan during the 1970's. According to him and other experts the "30% fatality rate" has come from skewed data. It is likely closer to 10%.

    The deaths are generally brought on by other 'complications' triggered by the smallpox. Also as all recent outbreaks were in 'third world' countries with only very basic medical facilities, even the 10% would be excessively high for a 'first world' country.

    Myth # 4. There is no treatment for smallpox.

    There are a number of treatments for people who contract smallpox. Refer to DrTenpenny's website for this info.

    Myth # 5. The smallpox vaccine will protect me!

    This is potentially the most serious myth of them all. Smallpox vaccine has the potential to start an epidemic that previously did not exist. The various interest groups that are pushing for mass compulsory smallpox vaccination are conveniently ignoring some pretty sobering facts which they are well aware of. There is a mountain of well documented evidence throughout the world that devastating epidemics follow mass vaccination for smallpox.

    Here is one example:

    The worst smallpox disaster occurred in the Philippines after a 10 year compulsory US program administered 25 million vaccinations to 10 million people which resulted in 170,000 cases and more than 75,000 deaths from 'smallpox'. The Philippines previously only had scattered contained cases in rural villages prior to the vaccination program.


    Americans have more to fear from a 'forced' government vaccination program than they do from the 'unleashing' of the smallpox virus by terrorists.

    Preparations are already underway in the USA to vaccinate 500,000 'first responders' using 30 year old outdated vaccines. Additional plans are also being made for general mass public smallpox vaccination. There are two reasons why these plans are particularly frightening:

    Reason 1: There is a chronic shortage of the "antidote" vaccinia immune globulin which is necessary for those who experience a severe reaction to the vaccine. A recent article in the Times suggests that there are only 700 doses of this antidote currently available.

    Reason 2: Amongst the 'first responders' who will be vaccinated are the nurses, doctors and medical staff of hospitals and clinics. Hospitals as you know are breeding grounds for all sorts of infections primarily because they are full of people whose immune systems are very low. After a person is 'immunized' there is a period in which they can potentially pass on the smallpox to people that they are in regular and close contact with over a period of time, such as hospital patients. The risk increases because the strength of the patients immune systems will generally be very low.'

    Poorer general public health

    But added to this is the fact that the general health of the population is significantly worse than in 1971 when the smallpox vaccinations were first introduced. Just take eczema for example. 28 million people in the USA suffer from eczema and they are specifically at risk should they receive a smallpox vaccination. Added to this, over 25% of the population is immunosuppressed as a result of disease or drugs. Don't forget about the suppressed immune systems of all the overweight people in America and the intake of Over the Counter Drugs which also suppress the immune system.

    It seems pretty obvious to me that if mass 'forced' vaccinations are applied in the US that it will cause far more damage on the population than terrorists could ever hope to inflict using bio-weapons. We could see a massive epidemic which will overload the entire medical system and could buckle under the strain.

    The evidence presented at the CDC public forum on this matter made it pretty clear that there is no need for hysteria over the potential risk of smallpox 'attack' and yet they don't seem to be resisting those forces that want mass vaccination! From what I have learnt about this matter wide spread vaccination is certainly not warranted and is indeed something that should be feared.

    I can only make an educated guess as to what is behind the 'push' for mass vaccinations. No doubt you can make the same guess! It wouldn't be anything to do with "dollars" would it? It's a pity that the authorities didn't educate the population how to make themselves safe by teaching them how to have a strong immune system. If they did no one would have anything to fear. Vaccines and drugs won't give you a strong immune system.

    The risk of a healthy person with a strong immune system combined with taking sensible precautions catching smallpox or just about anything else for that matter is very small indeed. Personally I would be quite comfortable spending time in amongst people infected with smallpox, so long as I had my own supply of pure water, food and of course my Xtend-Life supplements.

    If you would like to learn more about the CDC public forum on smallpox so you can make up your own mind on this matter please go to and look under articles for the report on the CDC meeting. It is important for you to know the facts beforehand in case you are presented with the prospect of 'forced' vaccination.

    Until the next issue.

    In good health,

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