Can Coffee Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer?

Well yes...according to a recent Harvard Study. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t encourage men everywhere to start guzzling gallons of coffee every day. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my daily’s a great way to end my breakfast.

However, I don’t knock back coffee like it’s going out teeth and heart mean a lot to me, especially when I know that there are better ways to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Drinking excessive amounts of coffee overtime can have a negative effect on your heart, nervous system, kidneys and has been associated with stained teeth and halitosis (bad breath).

Sure, there may be some health benefits to the odd cup of coffee, but in terms of trying to maintain the health of your prostate, supplementing your diet with the right nutrients, amino acids, herbal extracts and natural ingredients is the best way.

The benefits of ingredients such as lycopene, astaxanthin, saw palmetto and many others have been shown to help support the health of the prostate.

It’s hardly surprising that these ingredients (synergistically blended with other natural ingredients) make up the Total Balance Men’s, Total Balance Men’s Premiumand Male Rejuvenator products from Xtend-Life.

Taking supplements like Total Balance and Male Rejuvenator may not prevent you from getting prostate cancer, but they sure will help support the health of your prostate as well as help maintain its function.

These factors alone contribute significantly to lowering your overall risk of prostate cancer...factors that I believe can only be addressed through proper nutrition.

So go ahead and take your daily dose of Total Balance Men’s and Male fact, why not enjoy your daily cup of coffee as may just be saving your prostate and even your life!

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