Can you advise on the possibility of regaining my sense of smell?

Question: from King

About 10 years ago, my sense of smell began to deteriorate. Now it is almost a complete loss - I can't even smell gasoline or perfume...

Question: from King

Hi my dear friends,

I am a new customer to Xtend-Life who had ordered TB Men's Premium, Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10, and Neuro-Natural Sleep which will arrive in a few days. Since 1995, I have been suffering from a nose allergy (don't know the exact medical term).

In particular, I react (running nose, obstructed breathing) to changes in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. About 10 years ago, my sense of smell began to deteriorate. Now it is almost a complete loss - I can't even smell gasoline or perfume.

Traditional western and Chinese medicine couldn't help. A pharmacist told me to try Acetyl L-Carnitine which may be good for peripheral nerve regrowth. I didn't start yet. Can anybody advise on the possibility (and method) of regaining my sense of smell? Many thanks.

Answer: from Dr. Anthony

Dear King,

I feel for you. Losing both one’s sense of smell and having to deal with the symptoms of a chronic runny nose can detract from the quality of one’s life. First things first…what is or are the cause(s) of these two symptoms?

Let’s address the chronic runny nose symptom first. Having a chronic runny nose, called “chronic rhinitis”, is most often the result of being exposed to an irritant like chemicals in the workplace or an allergy inducing substance such as pollen, mold or animal dander.

This condition is frequently aggravated by air pollution, exactly the type of air pollution plaguing Hong Kong residents. (As a brief aside, I lived in Hong Kong for 10 years; ultimately leaving because of the harmful effects I was experiencing due to air pollution).

Have you been tested for an allergy? Is it possible you have either mold in your AC system or possibly are a sensitive to pets such as cats or dogs?

You may consider seeing either an allergy specialist or perhaps physician specializing in integrated medicine; identifying the cause of your problem is step number one. The loss of your sense of smell may simply be the result of having chronic rhinitis.

Think about this for a moment; rhinitis…rhinus = nose or pertaining to the nose and – itis = inflammation. Chronic inflammation of the nasal passageways can and often does lead to a loss of the sense of smell. There are other causes of the loss of your sense of smell; some are simple nutrient deficiencies such as zinc and some B vitamins but also some more rare conditions that may entail a neurological work-up.

I’m not aware of any research supporting the contention that N-Acetyl Carnitine. Recommendations:

  1. Assess the likelihood that you are suffering from an allergy or irritant causing chronic rhinitis. You may choose to see your healthcare professional or possibly a good EENT doctor...
  2. If you suspect that you are suffering from complications of the above and or air pollution, consider installing a good air purifier in your home, initially in your bedroom and possibly your office...
  3. Enhance your wellness by eating better, getting some exercise, managing your stress and taking the supplements you have ordered Total BalancePremium, Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10 and Neuro Natural Sleep...

Let us know how you are getting on.

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