Cancer... can it be cured?

    This is the most controversial question that can be asked and certainly provokes the most controversial answers. Over the years there have been many instances in which scientists have claimed to have had success in curing various types of cancers. Unless...

    it involved a drug or a treatment that fitted within the current cancer ‘treatment industry’ all these scientists have been either discredited or put out of business in one way or another and their ‘alternative’ treatments have died with them.

    Because of this, conspiracy theories about big Pharma or the FDA deliberately suppressing new unorthodox treatment protocols over the last 20 or 30 years have become rife.

    However, like most conspiracy theories there is little documented evidence to support them, and they remain just that…a theory, until someone does the research to document the facts.

    An investigative reporter has however done some extensive research on a scientist/Doctor who has had some amazing results and who has been ridiculed and harrassed by the authorities for several decades. At the end of this post there is link to a documentary put together by this investigative reporter...which you will find amazing and shocking.

    But first, let me tell you a true story as it involves the Doctor whom the documentary is about.

    A couple of years ago a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor. I encouraged him to research alternatives to radiation and chemotherapy because they had virtually a zero chance of curing this type of brain cancer. However, the oncologist convinced him surgery, then, radiation in combination with a new ‘superduper’ chemotherapy drug was the way to go. I don’t know the name of the drug other than that it was very expensive ($100,000+ per course).

    After two courses of this and two surgeries the Doctors said that there was nothing further that they could do. A friend of mine Dr Ali Mohammad suggested that a friend of his Dr Stan Burzynski in Texas may be able to help as he specialising in brain tumors. However, at this stage my friend was too ill to travel all the way from New Zealand to Texas, so Dr Ali called Dr Burzynski who was in Japan at the time and he was willing to depart from his normal protocol and arrange to have the treatment done in New Zealand.

    Unfortunately by that time my friend was feeling very tired, and when I called him from my Thailand office and explained that I had it set up, he said, “Warren, I really appreciate what you have been doing to try and help, but, I think that I will now just let nature take its course.” He died a few weeks later.

    Many of us in our lifetime will encounter situations like this either with family members or close friends. Even if we know that there may be some better options than the conventional treatments it is very difficult to go against the ‘knowledgeable’ Doctors who really do care but know nothing other than what they have learnt in medical school and from medical journals and cannot challenge the status quo.

    PS: If you would like to learn a bit more about my friends experience with the brain tumor I wrote a blog about it back in Sept 2010 which you can access by clicking here.


    Now, could Dr Burzynski have helped my friend? Sadly we will never know. I suspect that my friend may have taken a different position on the help if he had not seen all the negative material on the internet about Dr Burzynski where he is called a quack, a fraudster and more. I did not know him directly, only through my friend Dr Ali, so the recommendation was in that respect second hand.

    There has now been a documentary made about Dr Burzynski and his work and I am sure if it had been available at the time my friend needed it that he would have I am sure given it a go.

    This documentary which is a full sized program, about an hour 20 minutes is one of the most fascinating documentaries that I have ever seen. It includes footage of congressional hearings about Dr Burzynski and follows the battle he has been having with the authorities for over 30 years. It includes large amounts of hard data and at the end of it leaves you feeling quite disgusted how obviously people’s lives are so expendable when it comes to money and power. Dr Burzynski deserves much credit for being courageous enough to battle all this for so many years. Also, Dr Julian Whitaker for his role in the documentary.

    Even if cancer is not of any real interest to you, but you are interested in what goes on behind the scenes by those organisations that you as a tax payer fund with the express purpose of acting in your best health interest I strongly suggest that you watch it. Of course, it is not the organisations themselves that are at fault but some of the people in key positions, who are either hard hearted, one eyed, or coerced in some way to take the positions that they do.

    If you feel that more people should be aware of this documentary please forward this blog post to them. Thank you.

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