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Cellulite help?

Cellulite is very hard to remove once formed. However it can also be partly dependent on lifestyle as well as other factors. No one single product would fight cellulite without other areas working together. This is important.

Any product claiming to rid you of cellulite with its sole use I would advise extreme caution against.

Cellulite is primarily caused by three factors:

  1. Weakening and thinning of the connective tissue that lays just beneath the surface of the skin. The weakened connective tissue allows fat cells to protrude through, which causes the characteristic "bulges" and "bumps" associated with cellulite. The tissues affected by cellulite tend to have a decreased number of elastic fibers that support the skin, and distended lymphatic vessels.
  2. A condition of poor microcirculation that causes damage to fat tissue. As blood and lymphatic vessel walls become more permeable, the vessels leak fluid into the surrounding tissue causing congestion. This tissue congestion causes swelling, prevents nutrients such as oxygen from being carried to the tissue, and hinders the drainage of toxins. Connective tissue, including collagen and elastin, becomes increasingly damaged; eventually they become so severely compromised that they scar, causing stretch marks. Fat cells then become trapped.
  3. As you age, the connective tissue beneath the skin becomes thinner and looser which adds to the problem, increasing the more noticeable signs of Cellulite. A need for increased circulation to these tissues is needed to fight cellulite.

Fortunately, there are several proactive steps that you can take to help prevent or reduce the signs of cellulite.

The first step is to improve circulation to the affected area. Cellulite may be accompanied by water retention or distension of the lymphatic vessels. Increasing circulation may help restore balance to the affected areas. Increasing water consumption is beneficial, as it helps to flush toxins away. Massaging with a brush or by hand can be helpful, as it can improve circulation to affected areas. So ensure plenty of vigorous massage to the affected areas along with the oxygenation through exercise.

Next is good supplementation. Firstly, essential fatty acids (EFAs) help to actually hydrate the skin, which in turn lessens the effects of cellulite. Our Omega 3 fish oils are ideal to help (a) reduce internal inflammation, contributing towards aging and glycation processes, (b) help to hydrate the skin, and also contain herbal extracts to help further with skin anti-aging, hence helping to keep skin cells working optimally and collagen/elastin breakdown to a minimum.

Now, just to divert for one second...

It is a common misconception that essential fats (EFAs) are associated with weight gain, simply because they are fats. This is not true. Weight gain is through excess saturated fats and excess sugars.

Excess glucose is the first problem. If you over-indulge in sugars your liver's sugar storage capacity risks becoming exceeded. When this occurs excess sugar is converted by the liver into fatty acids and returned to the bloodstream, where is distributed for storage as adipose (fat) tissue in your body. Once these areas are full, the fatty acids turn to your major organs for storage instead, reducing organ ability, raising blood pressure, decreasing metabolism, and weakening the immune system.

Excess insulin is the second problem. When insulin levels spike the body's fat burning process is shut down so that ingested sugar can be used for energy. Insulin takes that sugar and tries to put it into your muscles. However, most of us already have muscles that are fairly full of energy, so if these are then exceeded, the sugars convert to fat, and just like the fatty acids released from the liver, begin being stored as adipose tissue.

After the blood sugar has been reduced by going into the muscles or being converted to fat in the liver, the feedback mechanism that tells the body to stop producing insulin is slightly delayed, so blood sugar levels begin to fall. This causes increase in appetite, and further overeating. Cortisol, a stress hormone, is produced, triggering the release of stored sugar from the liver to bring blood sugar levels back up. This, combined with food from the increased appetite, begins the entire 'fat storage-metabolic decrease' process over again.

Ok, back to the Omegas...

Omega 3 essential fatty acids are the primary building blocks for your cells. They also cause the cells to be flexible instead of ridged. Strength and flexibility are what keep skin smooth, supple, and attractive.  When the strength and flexibility go, the smoothness, suppleness and attractiveness go too.

Since cellulite production is directly related to cell strength and flexibility, and since cell strength and flexibility are directly related to healthy essential fatty acids, it follows that cellulite itself is directly related to a deficiency of healthy essential fatty acids. Hence the importances of a good supplement program and a good dietary regime.

Omega-fatty acids also help the circulation, which is vital to keep the skin structure strong. Omegas affect blood flow. They can help to reduce blood platelet coagulation and hence aid the prevention of blood clots. They also inhibit a protein called fibrinogen that is involved in blood clot formation. Omega-3 fatty acids tend to concentrate in the tissues where they suppress the production of highly inflammatory substances called prostaglandins.

Dietary supplementation with these oils has been shown under many circumstances has been shown to induce the production of anti-inflammatory substances in epidermal (outer layer of skin) tissue.

As well as our Omega 3 range for help with the skin in this way (not only cellulite but recognized for general skin health too), our skin care range (such as our Body Lotion, for example) can help provide ingredients 7-layers deep into the skin to help rebuild lost or damaged collagen and elastin (noted as contributory to cellulite conditions) and help to protect what is there intact. This could be used as part of the daily massage of the area concerned.

Finally our Total Balance formula for overall health can help to improve general skin condition as it is providing more potent daily nutrient absorption at a systemic level.

Don't forget the importance of a healthy diet, fluid and exercise regime. Keeping subcutaneous fat reduced and your systems generally in top shape will help you to maintain a slim body with low levels of fat, and contribute to less risk of cellulite. Less fat beneath the surface of the skin means less is able to protrude through the connective tissue if cellulite does occur. Ensure plenty of natural dietary produce, and pure fluids daily.

Exercise helps to increase the integrity of connective tissue structures. Strong connective tissue means less fat can protrude through and cause bumps and dimples.

NB. Remember that weight reduction should be gradual, as rapid loss of weight in individuals whose connective tissues are already undergoing changes from aging may make the "orange peel" effect more apparent. So don't over-exert yourself, but take it step by step for longer-term better result.

Taking all these areas on board, all these steps may prevent or reduce the appearance of cellulite, reducing the appearance of the outer orange peel effect, and strengthening the inner layers of skin to help prevent further degeneration.

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