Check out your swimming pool if you live near the Gulf!

You may recollect that I did a blog entry the other day questioning why so many fish were dying and to be cautious about where the fish for your fish oil comes from. I raised the question as to whether Corexit (the dispersant) being used to help clean up the oil spill may be a factor in the death of the fish?


Well, answer is still unknown, but it does appear that Corexit is having a negative impact on the health of some residents close to the Gulf. Some people have been suffering from rashes which they have never had before and feeling ill. One family decided to have the water in their swimming pool checked and found that it tested positive for markers that are in Corexit.

As you are probably aware, the Corexit was sprayed on the ocean by helicopters and aircraft. It would seem that some of the particles may have drifted on to land and contaminated their pool. This gives an idea of just how potent and dangerous this substance is… imagining being a fish and swimming in it.

I am scheduled to be in South Florida next month and I always enjoy swimming in the sea when I am there…but, I may give it a miss this trip.

For more details of this incident please check this news: Corexit Found In Swimming Pool Of Sickened Florida Family.

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