Cookies that make you sleep... and more...

Sometimes I really question the integrity of some business people.  Here is an example, cookies that contain melatonin.You are probably familiar with melatonin which is a hormone and has been promoted over the years for anti-aging to promoting sleep and combating jet lag.


Quite a few years ago I tried it for a short while when I travelled internationally as did a number of other friends who were interested in it.  The product used was a very high quality one.  However, the results were disappointing.  It had no beneficial effect on the quality of sleep…in fact it made it worse as it seemed to promote weird dreams.  I found it is quite easy to control jet lag by thinking through when you eat and sleep on long haul destinations.

Over recent years melatonin seems to have lost some of its appeal although it does have a place if applied in the correct circumstances and in some cases it can indeed be beneficial for some people.

The normal dose is 2 – 5mgs prior to going to bed.

But, to put 8mgs in a cookie is I think downright irresponsible.  That is a lot.  But, worse what if someone likes the cookies and they eat multiple ones?  That could have some serious consequences.  And, to top it off they are being promoted in nightclubs…multiple cookies with melatonin and alcohol…not a good mix.

More about this in a New York times article "Dessert, Laid-Back and Legal"

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