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Dick Cheney Gets a New Lease on Life

You may have seen in the news recently that former US Vice President, Dick Cheney, received a small heart pump to assist the severely weakened left ventricle of his heart.

According to experts, his two-year survival odds just went from about two percent to 58 percent.

At $100,000 USD for this pump, called a left ventricular assist device, one may think spending such is a bargain for a decent chance at living another two years...but based on what we know today, this decision could have been averted if he and countless other people had implemented a few simple changes to their lifestyle, for example:

  • Consume a whole food diet, emphasizing fresh vegetables and fruit, whole grains, safe cold water fish, and plenty of clean water
  • Exercise moderately (3-4 X per week of moderate aerobic and resistance training)
  • Manage your stress daily (yoga, meditation, laughter, etc.)
  • Supplement your diet with a complex multi-nutrient like Total Balance and omega-3 fatty acids. For example, there are cases in which patients have avoided bypass surgery even after they have been booked for the operation as a result of high doses of ingredient which may have a beneficial effect on heart health, especially when taken in supplements like Omega 3 QH/Ultra and Cardio-Klenz.

The excellent work of Dr. Dean Ornish has demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt that lifestyle modification can profoundly enhance the chances you will not suffer from heart disease.

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