Do you get enough Olive Oil in your Diet?

One of the things that I miss when travelling is olive oil. When in New Zealand I have a lot of it because it is the main constituent in the salad dressing I use. We don't buy our salad dressing but rather make it up out of cold pressed virgin olive oil, Balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, with oregano, fresh garlic, basil, mustard and ground black pepper.

I really love it... but, some people don't. I smother my salads with it and drink any left on the plate.

What it interesting is if I have been away for a few weeks such as I was during much of October, I really have a craving for it when I get back home! For the first few days I have a big salad once a day with plenty of my 'home brew'.

We all hear about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. I have no doubt that much of it is due to the high intake of Olive oil.

I notice that a new study has just come out in which the researchers have found that olive oil helps the health of the liver. That doesn't surprise me.

Depending where you live, it can be difficult to get quality fresh vegetables, but you can generally get the ingredients for making up the salad dressing that I mentioned. If you are one of these people who eat out a lot, make up the dressing and stick a bottle of it in your bag and pour it over your salad at the restaurant.

Of course if you eat out a lot, supplementation is really quite critical as it is impossible to get even your most basic nutritional needs met from restaurant meals.

To have a look at the article referring to the olive oil study about liver health please click here ( "Olive oil may protect against liver damage: Study" by

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