Does young healthy skin still need skincare?

Question: from Vanessa

I am a 24 year old female with normal healthy skin. I have been trying to find a safe and healthy daily moisturizer, but I am concerned if I should use your products or not since I do not have any signs of aging at this point. Also because, my body is already producing elastin and collagen, and I don’t want to apply something that may interfere with what I am naturally producing. Please let me know if this is something I should be taking at this time or if I should wait.



Answer: from Joanna Machin(Medical Nutritionist for Xtend-Life)

Our anti-aging skincare range is totally 100% safe to be used by anyone. This is because all ingredients are recognized by the body. There are no chemicals to affect the body's natural function.

The ingredients correct imbalances and enhance the normal properties of the body's natural chemicals, to encourage the body to produce its own natural collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid…they are not providing direct ingredients, so there is also no interference with what your body would normally produce anyway.

So, to this effect, our skincare range is fine to be used by any adult age at all.

Indeed this should be encouraged as the ingredients are protective as well as helpful for current aging issues. Therefore, providing you with more help. I would also suggest that you try our Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil contains natural forms of lycopene and astaxanthin and helps enhance the skin from the inside out.

These two ingredients also play a key role in helping reduce the effects of photo-aging and skin redness, as well as nourishing the skin's foundation. Combining this product with our skincare range is a great way to ensure that your skin stays healthy and young-looking.

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