Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand

    We have had many emails from customers concerned about the impact that the rather severe earthquake has had on us. It was certainly a bad one registering over 7.1, which is similar in intensity to the Haiti earthquake earlier this year.

    It struck at 4.35am on Saturday morning. As at Monday afternoon there have been over 40 aftershocks…some were quite bad.

    Although there was considerable damage to many buildings and houses there is no direct loss of life reported at this stage which is quite remarkable. Some roads have risen up to a meter and broken up, bridges twisted and so on.

    By Saturday evening about 90% of the power had been restored to the city and 98% has now been restored. About 15% of the city has water problems which will take a few days to fix and a smaller percentage with sewer problems where the ‘landscape’ has changed. If you are interested in seeing more about it just go to Google and put in NZ earthquake.

    The impact on us at Xtend-Life is fortunately quite minimal. Although 1 staff member has sustained some serious damage to his houses, most staff have not been affected much, no one was hurt.

    Our communication systems are all operating normally…Xtend-Life’s buildings have not sustained any damage.

    All orders are being processed and shipped out today as normal and when we have finished recalibrating all the equipment in the factory and production will resume tomorrow.

    We feel very sad for those who have lost their homes and their businesses…but, there has been no human tragedy and I am confident that everyone will recover quickly.

    So…thanks to all those who expressed their concerns for us…but, all is well.

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