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Excessive doses of Vitamin D can potentially kill…

And so can anything if taken in excess. Gary Null, a well known health ‘guru’ is suing the company which manufacturers a product bearing his name. It turns out that the product contains excessive amounts of Vitamin D…not by intention but by poor quality control.

It does however illustrate a point that I have repeatedly said over the years which is that mega doses of any nutrients including all the vitamins are not good for your body.


Over the last couple of years there has been a Vitamin D craze going on due to the large number of people who are Vitamin D deficient…thanks in part by the general paranoia about the sun as a result of warnings about sun exposure.

As a result, physicians and others are advocating high doses of Vitamin D whilst still maintaining their stance that the sun is bad for you. I think that this is totally wrong particularly when many of the high dose Vitamin D products are using the cheap synthetic Vitamin D2.

There can be negative side effects even with moderate overdosing of Vitamin D. Remember when it comes to vitamins ‘more’ is not always better. Play it conservative and get your Vitamin D from the sun! You could get 20 000IUs from one good session in the sun, but 20 000IUs from a supplement could make you ill.

The other good thing about getting it from the sun is that the body will store it in fatty tissues and release it as the body requires it. The amount of Vitamin D we have in Total Balance is conservative…and that is the way we will keep it.

Here’s the full article about Gary Null’s experience

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