Fact: Anti-Depressant Drugs No Better Than Placebo

If you're amongst the millions who suffer from Depression, you've probably tried many treatments, both Conventional and natural. Have they helped you, made no difference, or made things worse? Perhaps you're even wondering what to do now?

Then this fact may interest you. More and more research is concluding that Conventional anti-depressant medications are at best useless or worse, dangerous.

Indeed, a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reveals that antidepressant drugs work no better than other methods at relieving depression. Or, in the words of the Journal’s authors: "This trial of urban MDD patients failed to confirm that either active treatment was better than placebo."

Their lead researcher, Jacques P. Barber PhD, even admitted: "I was surprised by the results, they weren't what I'd expected."

The results may also have caused Barber some embarrassment given that some of co-researchers have received funding from the pharmaceutical industry for the study.

In trying to justify the ‘unexpected’ results, Barber also said: “receiving a placebo in a clinical trial is not the same as getting no treatment." That’s because study participants in placebo groups have contact with health professionals who are asking about their symptoms and well-being. For some people, that attention can make a difference -- and may help explain the placebo response seen in studies

Then we have Dr. David Mischoulon who cautioned against reading the results as "nothing works for depression". On the contrary, he says to Reuters Health: "I think it's the opposite. It's more that, everything seems to work to some degree."


In other words: when a scientific study proves that a certain pharmaceutical drug fails to live up to its hype, some ‘experts’ claim that everything, including that drug, can be helpful in treating a condition, and voila, it is still effective!

This is, of course, an amazingly unscientific and absurd way of looking at the findings.

But it seems to be the only way that its defenders can (very poorly) try to justify the drug’s existence. Apart from scrapping it...which they are most unlikely to do.

Of course, there IS another way. That is to understand the true causes of depression and, critically, how they can be addressed naturally and safely.

Our research confirms other studies which show how depression is a sign of several underlying, systematic imbalances in, for example, brain chemicals such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine neurotransmitters and thyroid hormones. These imbalances are in turn caused by genetic weaknesses, trauma, chronic stress, environmental and food allergies, lack of purpose and especially nutritional inadequacies.

So please be aware that depression is not just due to a "chemical imbalance in your brain," which Conventional drugs are designed to correct.

For anyone who has ever swallowed such marketing ploy, this is NOT a scientific statement. It's a botched theory, a hypothesis that was proven incorrect.

Investigations were done to see whether or not depressed people actually had lower serotonin levels. In 1983 the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) concluded that:  "There is no evidence that there is anything wrong in the serotonergic system of depressed patients."

The fact that this fallacy continues to thrive is destroying the health of millions, because if you take an SSRI drug that blocks the normal re-uptake of serotonin, you end up with the very physiological problem the drug is designed to treat–low serotonin levels. Which, ironically, is the state hypothesized to bring on depression in the first place.

Depression is multi-causal and needs to be addressed on multi levels... starting with nutritional inadequacies. We have done this by sourcing potent natural nutrients and synergising them into our unique protocol

Combine this protocol with regular sunshine, exercise and, of course, healthy nutrition and you’ll give Big Pharma a major run for their money!

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