Fish Oil during Pregnancy Fights Colds Among Newborns?

The benefits of omega 3 fish oil have been widely accepted by health professionals and scientists, especially with regards to the pre and post-natal benefits of mothers taking omega 3 DHA fish oil during and after pregnancy.

Now, according to this article on the Time website, a study has found that newborn babies may have a better chance at fighting off colds if their mothers took 400mg of DHA from fish oil daily during pregnancy.

These one-month newborns were able to fight off more cold symptoms such as coughing, running noses and nasal congestion than those newborns whose moms took a placebo. As interesting as this is, it gets even better!

It seems that this cold-fighting effect only lasts about six months... a time when the babies who had DHA protection experienced pretty much the same amount of the cold symptoms mentioned above as those babies whose moms took the placebo. However, with one major difference... their symptoms seemed to go away much faster!

This means that their little bodies coped better with infections and their immune systems were supported by the DHA... leading to faster recovery times and ultimately, a happier healthier baby.

I can certainly attest to this.

Before my son was born in December last year, my wife took omega 3 / DHA fish oilduring her pregnancy. For the first six months, he never got sick... not once!

Even when he did pick up the odd sniffle from his play group, he bounced back and recovered very quickly. At 8 months old his immune system seems stronger than mine! That’s just half of it... since he was born he has always slept through the night and is almost always in a happy laughing mood. I’m convinced that the DHA he got before and after his birth boosted his immune system and central nervous system.

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