Health Trends To Look Out For In 2010

2009 was a year to remember. The global economic crisis hit everyone in the most painful area below the belt – their pockets. Instead of following ‘the next big thing’, more and more people are now investing in their health and well-being. So with this in mind, the following trends are expected to be driven by consumers trying to balance their health with their economic concerns.

1. Cost Effective Fitness

Gyms could see a drop-off in turnstile traffic with people swapping their membership cards and gym fees for DIY fitness routines such as lifting free-weights in the comfort of their own homes, as well as other simple but effective exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, Pilates and running outdoors.

2. Natural Stress Relievers

Consumers are constantly seeking natural ways to relax. Sipping cocktails on a pearly-white beach somewhere in the tropics is a great way to beat stress, if only it came without the expensive price tag. Instead, people will be looking for natural health supplements to ease their stress levels, along with controlled breathing techniques, yoga and Tai-Chi.

3. Beauty from Within

Supplements are becoming more popular as a form of ‘skincare’ as more people realize that the secret to attractive, younger-looking skin lies in ensuring that your body is supplied with the essential vitamins and minerals on the inside so that your skin is able to reflect this wellbeing on the outside – in fact, we’re about to announce a new ‘Omega 3 Premium’ supplement that will do just that. Effective natural skincare products are also seeing an increase in popularity and this is expected to accelerate during 2010.

4. Deflating Inflammation

Foods and products that may help reduce inflammation will remain hot favorites among consumers throughout 2010. Omega 3 DHA fish oils will stay at the top of most people’s monthly shopping lists, especially with one or two companies looking at providing Omega 3 DHA fish oils which contain additional natural ingredients. This means more health benefits for the customer and better value for money.

These are just some of the exciting trends which you could expect to come out of 2010. Be sure to follow the Xtend-Life Blog online as well as future issues of this newsletter for more of the latest news, developments and information about health, wellness and longevity.

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