Healthy Aging - What Is It Really?

Different people have different ideas of what healthy aging is. These ideas will vary depending upon whether you are a man or woman and what your age is.

If you are a woman in your early 30’s and you have no health issues, your thoughts about aging may revolve around the external appearances of aging such as an increase in wrinkles. As a result, your efforts to slow down the effects of aging may be focused on external therapies which although good, will only have limited and temporary effects.

But, if you are a thoughtful young woman and have spent time researching the subject of aging you will have come to the realization that healthy aging is much more than just external appearances. You will realize that to age healthily you have to address those issues which cannot be seen. This applies whether you are the young woman I just referred to or a man or woman in their twilight years… such as me at age 70. :(

If you recognize what you need to do in order to age healthily than the twilight years can go on for decades. Yes, I know that I did a sad face just then but I am not sad, as I am enjoying life like I never have before and I reckon I can maintain my current pace until I am a 100 or even more.

Why? Because I have none of the health issues that most other people of my age have. I have no aches and pains, never get sick or a cold, never have to take any medication and have plenty of energy. If everyone was to do what I do, then everyone could be as healthy as I am. Problem is that it would put the pharma people out of business and have a major impact on the medical profession which thrives on sickness and treatment by way of intervention.

But, imagine the money that it would save both taxpayers and individuals. No need for ‘health insurance’ (something I have never had). More money could be spent on helping the world be a happier and more prosperous place.

Anyway, what I said about the ‘sickness’ industry is realistically never going to happen, so, what can you do about making sure that you age healthily irrespective of your age or sex.

As I am sure you will know I am a great believer of the importance of ensuring your body gets all the nutrients it needs to feed your organs and systems. I don’t need to tell you that you simply cannot get that from your normal diet… even a great diet! That is why I was instrumental in having our Total Balance developed 17 years ago and having it constantly refined. That product along with our Kiwi-Klenz and our Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10 is the foundation of my good health.


But, there is more to healthy aging than just taking supplements alone, some people are aware of what these other components are, some are not. I am not talking about diet or exercise. We all know that good health is influenced by sensible eating at least six days out of seven, and also sensible exercise. What I mean by sensible exercise is a combination of walking and weight bearing exercise.

Sensible exercise is not doing it to excess but rather doing moderate exercise regularly. Excess exercise will not make you any healthier! But rather it can have the opposite effect and age you faster due to the extra ingestion of oxygen which produces additional free radicals that the body cannot cope with unless the person is having massive amounts of anti-oxidants. Marathon runners are often good examples of the effect of excess exercise, particularly for sustained periods. They usually age before their time.

Putting aside supplementation, diet and exercise, there are three other components that either contribute to aging or help slow it down depending upon how you deal with them. These are so important I have put together a 14-minute video explaining the importance of them and why they are so critical if you want to age slower than others, be free of degenerative diseases and of course be happy.

I am talking about: SELF KNOWLEDGE, FEAR and ATTITUDE.

The principles are covered in this video that applies to everyone, including young people as it will not only help them understand what they need to do to remain healthy all their lives but also in their journey through life.

Until then,
In good health,


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