Herbal Asthma Help

In addition to common conventional pharmaceutical aids to try to help asthma, which only help the symptoms, there are further means of helping to control the condition which may with time result in reduced attacks and improved general health, and perhaps a future ability to lessen the need for medication.

Asthma can be a very stressful condition. It is a condition of inflammation and constriction of airways in the bronchial tubes and respiratory system. With what would be considered more recent discoveries, many people have found that herbs can be very helpful to alleviate and in some cases, longer-term, to help to perhaps lessen the severity or occurrence of attacks.

For long-term potential root cause help, there are also things that can be included in your regime that may help to normalise the function of the immune system, whether attacks are from an allergic or non-allergic cause.

Fish oil is important for the production of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Our Omega 3/DHA or Omega 3 QH CoQ10 version (for the added Coq10 – see below) can be extremely helpful to use on a daily basis to help protect against excess inflammation that blocks the bronchial tubes.

B vitamin are important for anti-stress effects of the body; quercetin and bromelain can be taken together to help with antihistaminic effects, to help stabilise cells and prevent inflammation; CoQ10 also has this ability; Glucosamine and N-acetyl-glucosamine are important to help regulate mucous secretions from the respiratory tract; L-cysteine helps to repair lung tissue.

These ingredients, and many more can be found in our Total Balance Range supplement, and further in our Immu-Stay, and I believe this would make a positive and advisable potential strengthening regime long-term, alongside the Omega 3 / QH Premium CoQ10, for beginning to help support the vital systems and organs involved in this condition.

Over the years we have had reports from many customers that their asthma symptoms have definitely declined after the prolonged use of one of the versions of Total Balance and Omega 3 fish oil combination.  These reports are anecdotal, not studied, but this protocol does seem to help.  Probably worth a try because even if it did not directly help with the asthma it would certainly help your general health.

The above is a continuous long-term regime to try to help reduce attacks and strengthen the relevant systems. There are also herbs that have potential shorter-term help with symptomatology also, that, if the severity of your condition warrants the additional help, can potentially be used alongside the above, on an as-needed basis.

These include Licorice Root, which has been evaluated in the treatment of asthma and may assist in defeating airway constriction; as well as Zinc lozenges, which are perported to be helpful to perhaps shorten an attack or help stop it when you feel it coming on.

Many other herbs for asthma treatment have been evaluated for further short-term symptomatology properties. Some of these herbs include Lobelia, Marshmallow root, and in the diet, garlic and onions, which can help stimulate immunity.

An asthma treatment is only as effective as the planning and effort put into it. If you decide that you would like to try a natural strengthening and improved general health route, you should of course discuss this method with your doctor or specialist first, so that you can safely monitor your condition and progress.

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