Herbs more helpful than Drugs for Period Pain...

Various herbal preparations have been used throughout time to relieve the discomfort that many women have before and during their menstrual periods. The key of course is using the correct herbs in the correct proportions with the correct co-factors.

*archived entry from Warren’s Blog, October 18, 2007

This is the headline in a recent article in Reuters. According to a study involving nearly 3,500 women in several countries, various Chinese herbs were considered to be more effective than drugs, acupuncture or heat compression.

No big surprise here!

Although many women find that the ‘female’ herbs present in Total Balance Women’s Premium is generally sufficient to relieve these uncomfortable symptoms, some women need something a little more powerful and more targeted. Also, some women may not be able to afford the full daily dose of Total Balance Women’s Premium.

So, we developed a specialty formula which we call Female Rejuvenator. Although this is designed to complement Total Balance Women’s Premium it is still very effective as a standalone product to help relieve the discomfort of period pain. In addition to containing essential herbal extracts it has a number of other essential nutrients that improve the efficacy of the extracts. For more details, please click here.

To read the Reuters article please click here.

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