High concentration of Omega 3?

    Question: from Lexor M

    A friend of mine told me his internist recommended an Omega-3 supplement called Omax3, with over 90% Omega-3 concentration. I wasn't aware Omega-3 supplements were that pure. Anyone know anything about this product?


    Answer: from Warren

    Hi Lexor,

    When you say pure I am assuming that you are referring to the high concentration of Omega 3. Yes, there are indeed high concentration Omega 3 fish oils. In fact the tuna oil which we blend with our natural hoki oil is over 85% Omega 3...

    BUT, the interesting thing is that when the oil is so heavily concentrated there are components of the oil that is lost through in the concentration process. And, these components are important to achieve the overall benefits of the fish oil. It is just not the Omega 3 itself that provides the benefits.

    This is why we blend the highly concentrated Omega 3 oil which is in ethyl ester form with our natural hoki oil in triglyceride form. We have found that by doing this that it has a significant impact on the oils anti-inflammatory properties. (It is the anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil which provides most of the health benefits.)

    By blending the two oils we reduce the total Omega 3 to a bit over 50% BUT, we DOUBLE the anti-inflammatory properties. If you go to our Omega 3 product page and open up the Buyers Guide you will see the proof of this.

    It has now been proven not only in the laboratory but in people as well. For example, my C-Reactive Protein levels which is how you measure inflammation in the blood is better than that expected in a healthy young child...and I am 63. These results with others will be published in a later article.

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