How A 51 Year Old Woman Beat Chronic Stress to Pursue Her Dream To Be A Competitive Surfer

Chronic stress is one of the most dangerous conditions facing society today. It gradually builds up over time, constantly draining the body of energy and essential nutrients, causing constant fatigue and basically depriving the person of not just their health…but also lifestyle and happiness.

Just look at Marguerite Vujcich, her story has inspired many people and sends a strong message to all workaholics who cannot find the balance between good hard work and enjoying a happy relaxing life outside of the office and corporate environment.

Marguerite’s story is one that many people can relate to. The former barrister was so committed to her work that she eventually became very ill with all the stress…finally collapsing at home and hardly able to raise her hand.

She recovered and decided to throw in the towel…ultimately turning her back on the stressful environment she came from and choosing to follow her passion for surfing. Now, at the age of 51, she’s ranked seventh on the New Zealand women’s surfing circuit…competing against other women 30 years her junior!

She’s been quoted as saying: "It doesn't matter what your age is. Challenging yourself is how you stay young."

Marguerite has a point, there’s definitely nothing wrong with being a hard worker. In fact, a bit of hard work never hurt anyone…actually, a bit of ‘good’ stress can actually be good for you. Challenging yourself exercises not just your mind but also your body and emotional wellbeing.

There is however, a distinct line when it comes to finding a balance between a successful career brought on by commitment and hard work and still enjoying quality of life with your family and friends by living the lifestyle you want.

The body can easily cope with stress provided you give it the nutrients and rest it needs to handle various situations. The way chronic fatigue creeps up on you is through nutrient deficiencies and prolonged bouts of sleep deprivation…all compounding the stress you’re feeling and fast-tracking your route to a total breakdown.

By complementing your diet with products like Total Balance and the Neuro-Natural range of supplements, you’ll be giving your body the ingredients it needs to not only handle stress but also to support the rest of your systemic functions and emotional wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s time to live the lifestyle you always wanted…and by reducing your stress levels through proper supplementation and nutritional support, you’ll be taking the first steps to a happier you. Oh…and don’t forget to include our Omega 3 DHA/Fish Oil in one of the three forms.

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