How do we make our supplements?

    With regular news items about this or that supplement being found to either have contaminants or not contain what the label claims, it is natural that we sometimes have customers questioning us about our manufacturing processes and quality control.

    So, I thought that it would be sensible to put together a series of blog articles which goes through the various steps that we take to ensure that we only supply you with the highest possible quality products and why they are ‘true to label’.

    These articles will start next week and will include photographs and copies of documents which will give you a better understanding of what it takes to make a quality supplement.  It will also enable readers to ask questions about the process at any step of the way.

    We won’t at this stage deal with the rationale which goes behind the formulas and why certain ingredients are selected.  The focus will be on the process itself.

    Until next week...

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