How To Lose Weight Safely And Naturally

The way we live our lives today is a stark contrast to the lifestyles of people who lived 100 years ago. Back then, it seemed that most of the population was involved in some sort of physical activity regardless if it was for work or fun.

All those years ago, obesity was hardly a national health crisis for most Western countries because:

  1. The population was generally more active.
  2. Technology and modern advancements didn’t accelerate the population’s pace of life to the point of seeking out convenient junk food in order to meet one’s daily ‘nutritional’ needs.

Fast-forward to today and countries like the USA, UK, Australia and even New Zealand are fighting obesity like it’s a plague...pushing national healthcare systems and budgets to breaking point and sending the overweight population into a spiral decline with the onset of many other obesity-related conditions like type-2 diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

In fact, although you may be reading this and thinking “well I’m certainly not obese because I try to stay healthy”, there’s still a good chance that those around you might very well being carrying a little more weight than they’d like to.

So what can you do to lose weight?

Well firstly, you need to forget the majority of fad diets and ‘miracle weight loss supplements’ currently flying around the internet and shelves. Most of the time they don’t work and some can actually do you more harm than good. Next, you need to know the following facts and advice:

  • Fat is actually a necessary part of your diet- yes, believe it or not most forms of fats (including small amounts of saturated fat) are good for you. Your body needs these fats for various important functions...especially the hormone and reproductive systems. Trans fats on the other hand are NOT good for you. This type of fat is found in fries, deep-fried batters and most forms of fast/junk-food. Don’t eat a fat-free diet but don’t go overboard either. Be smart about your fat intake and avoid trans fats at all costs.
  • Eating fat does not put fat on your body.  It is sugar that creates fat.
  • Eat less + more physical activity = weight loss -it’s a simple equation really. You can’t expect to lose weight if you constantly eat large portions of food...even if you workout and exercise. Sure, the exercise is good for you but you won’t be burning off the excess calories you need to in order to lose weight.
  • Exercise properly and have fun or don’t bother wasting your time -if you see exercise as a one-way ticket to pain and frustration then don’t do it. Exercise means doing a physical activity (or various activities) that requires some effort, makes you sweat, puff, pant and gets the heart rate up. This means you can do any activity you like...more often. If, for example, running isn’t your thing but you’ve always wanted to give squash a try then go for it. Find the activity that makes you happy and you’ll actually look forward to it everyday...meaning faster weight loss!
  • Don’t starve yourself...EVER -there’s a big difference between starving yourself and a healthy fast. The former however can actually make you gain more weight in the long term. This is because your brain and body panic when you don’t nourish them. They feel as if they need to hold onto the reserves of fat in your body in preparation for the ‘fictional famine’ you’re signalling them. 
  • Follow a Mediterranean diet- that means everything in moderation and be sure to include more fish, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, fresh breads and pastas (carbs aren’t evil despite what you hear in the tabloids and media), and even the occasional glass of red wine. All this, combined with regular exercise should help you lose weight and improve your health and wellbeing as well.

Although the above facts and advice may help shed some excess fat, there’s still a good chance that you not getting the right amount of nutrients in our daily diet. Blame modern farming methods, nutrient-depleted soil and a host of other factors. If your body lacks the right amount of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids then you can’t expect it to be healthy and functioning at its very best...let alone help you lose weight. 

This is why you need a comprehensive nutriment supplement like Total Balance that contains all your daily vitamin/mineral needs, plus important trace elements, enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids, anti-glycation agents, neuronutrients, flavonoids, carotenoids, methylation agents, adaptogens, calorie restriction mimics, herbal extracts and important co-factors.

Another important thing to be aware of!  A deficiency of good fat in your diet can tend to make you eat more as you will be more inclined to have cravings for food.  This is why some people get good results in their weight loss program just by increasing their daily intake of Omega 3 fish oils. Don’t overlook the importance of this if you wish to lose weight.  Our Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil will help you in this area…and in overall general health.

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