Inflammation...the Good and the Bad!

Most of us are aware of the damage that uncontrolled inflammation can cause in our bodies. In fact, many experts agree that inflammation is one of the most significant contributors in cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and other degenerative diseases.

General inflammation in the body is measured by levels of C-Reactive Protein in the blood...which is a simple blood test.

It is probably a more reliable indicator of pending cardiovascular problems than high levels of Cholesterol.

Making an effort to controlling excessive inflammation in the body is one of the smartest things you can do if your objective is a long and healthy life.

I came across a well written article recently on the subject of inflammation, particularly as it relates to the brain. But, incorporated in this article is a really good explanation of how a process for ‘good’ inflammation in the body can become the body’s worst enemy. It is worth reading to gain a better understanding of what goes on in your body.

I would urge you when you next have your regular blood tests done to ensure your Doctor includes the test for C-Reactive Protein. The lower the reading the better. As  point of interest my C-Reactive Protein is 0.5 which is the level expected of a healthy child. I put this down to having taken my Omega 3 fish oil every day for the last 15 years.

As you will see in the article, long term drug intervention is not particularly effective in lowering inflammation in the blood and it can lead to other problems. Best you use a natural preventative therapy like I do in keeping your body functioning normally.

To access the article please click here.

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