Is Dr David Nutt... a Nut?

In case you haven't heard, Dr Nutt is the man behind the establishment of an organization called 'The Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs'. He rose to fame recently when given air time on BBC.

In a 'nutshell' Dr Nutt believes that alcohol is more dangerous than Heroin. He also thinks that alcohol is more dangerous than 'crack' and 'meth'. He has some pretty wacky ideas.

Agreed, alcohol abuse is indeed serious and destroys the lives of many, but the overwhelming majority of people do use it sensibly. Unlike heroin, a person doesn’t become addicted to alcohol the first time they use it…but, Dr Nutt feels that this is primarily because people are forced to buy heroin off the street and as such it may have contaminants. No argument there…but, pure medicinal grade heroin is not going to prevent addiction. That has been proven in some countries where they have programs to supply heroin addicts and help them break the habit…but with limited success.

Although alcohol can do some pretty weird things to many people it does not have the same effect as ‘crack’ or ‘meth’ which can trigger off serious mindless violence in some people.

If you are interested in reading a bit more about Dr Nutt’s views and that of his supporters, click here ("Alcohol 'more harmful than heroin' says Prof David Nutt" by BBC News).

Oh…Dr Nutt and his group are also working on an antidote to alcohol. Apparently the objective is that you can get as drunk as you like, then when you are ready to sober up you can take a pill and ‘poof’ you are fit to drive. No doubt it would be popular…but, who would pay the ultimate price? Would it be the general public or the individual? Probably everyone as the impact on the body and nervous system would I imagine over time be horrendous resulting in a further burden on the worlds ‘healthcare’systems.

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