John Goodman is proof that a healthy lifestyle works!

By simply doing the basics, Emmy nominee John Goodman has lost about 100 pounds. Many people may already be asking how he managed to do it. Some are probably wondering if he either had gastric-bypass surgery or followed the latest ridiculous celebrity diet. Wrong!

It seems that he did what common sense told him to. He gave up drinking three years ago, exercises regularly but doesn’t overdo it, and he doesn’t eat sugar.

For every cause there is an effect. With this in mind, you can’t expect to eat junk food, sit on the couch all day, abuse your body with excessive drinking, and not expect to put on weight...or even in some cases, put yourself at serious risk of developing further health conditions which can eventually be fatal.

Sure, following a healthy lifestyle takes commitment and a willingness to live a more fulfilled sustained life...if not for you then at least for your family and loved ones.

Make a conscious decision now and find the inspiration you need for improved health and wellness...I’m sure that your search for inspiration won’t be hard, especially when you consider the alternatives and what’s really at stake.

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