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More on the Cholesterol Formula...

Last week's newsletter generated quite a lot of interest from readers and in particular from customers who have been using our formula...

I rather anticipated that would happen and I sure appreciated hearing from all those people whom our formula has really helped. Many of them were so happy because they were able to avoid having to go on to a statin drug.

There were a few helpful comments from customers and subscribers which I feel could be useful for our readers so I have included them in this newsletter. But first... let me share with you a section of Silvanos reply to me from last weeks newsletter. He says... and I quote:

"Firstly I would like to thank you for your personal response to my last email.

Secondly I was particularly pleased to read that you had published my letter for the following reasons:

  • This act on your part confirmed my prior assessment of your company, namely its ethics, integrity and that you stand behind the quality of your products. You can only benefit from showing all sides of the equation.
  • Since taking your products, particularly Total Balance Men's Plus I have been actively promoting your products to my friends & relatives and believe that your response & action confirms that I was justified in doing so.

I have never felt better since I started taking your products, in particular Total Balance Men's Plus."

It was certainly good to hear that he has never felt better, although it was a pity that he didn't get as good a result on his cholesterol as he had hoped. In case you missed the details you can refer back to last weeks Xtend-Your-Life archives. Anyway, Silvano is going to continue with the protocol that I suggested for another couple of months. With his permission I will let you know the outcome.

Another subscriber (from a government department) wrote in and said... and I quote:

"As a researcher in the health field, I understand that no product is likely to have excellent results for every person. Certainly we don't hold any drug to such standards. If we did, there would be no drugs on the market.

So I appreciate your integrity in publishing the letter."

She goes on to make further comments...

"However, there is compelling scientific evidence that this customer could quite possibly achieve greater results if he combined the cholesterol lowering formula with further diet changes. The "healthy diet" recommended by physicians for lowering cholesterol is nowhere near adequate to actually do so.

I strongly recommend reading "The China Study" for an excellent review of research conducted to date. It is written by a top researcher in the field of nutrition and chronic illness, and provides powerful evidence of the need for us to decrease consumption of all animal products (NOT just decrease saturated fat and cholesterol consumption), and increase consumption of whole, unrefined plant foods for powerful effects on cholesterol, triglycerides, and chronic illness."

I am going to buy the book and see what the author Thomas M. Campbell has to say. I'll let you know if there is information in it that may be helpful to our readers in general.

Another subscriber had a comment which is very relevant and which I overlooked mentioning last week... here it is:

"It's worth mentioning that statin drugs lower one's co-enzyme Q-10 level to the point that it puts a person more at risk for a heart attack. According to many sources I've read, supplementing with CoQ-10 is imperative when taking statin meds. I hope someone informs the person who wrote in, so he can protect himself."

I agree 100%. In case you are a new subscriber you might like to have a look at a couple of newsletter issues that I wrote on this very subject. They are in the archives and dated 15th and 29th April 2005. It will enable you to understand how crucial this substance is if you are taking a statin drug…and how you can get the benefits of CoQ10 for less cost if you are not on a statin.

I'm off to have a look at a Natural Products Show in Hong Kong in a few days. I'll let you know if there is anything interesting there during our next Xtend-Your-Life newsletter.

In good health,

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