My 15 year old daughter has ADD and Acne...

Question from Mel:

I have a 15 year old daughter who is ADD and after years of being on Adderall, we have decided to go a natural way for treatment. Her doctor knows about us doing this. We heard about fish oil EPA/DHA/Omega 3 was a good way to go.

Also she suffers with bad acne, and we have been to many doctors for this but haven't found anything that works. Please let me know if you have anything that could help with these two problems. Thanks.


Answer from Warren:

Our Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil should be the first item to consider. I would give her a slightly higher dose at 3 soft gels a day. I would also consider giving her a half dose of our Neuro-Natural Serenity. This may also help her.

With regard to acne... this could be either a diet or a hormone issue. There is no natural supplement or topical treatment that is guaranteed to work for acne. Some topical treatments may help but they are only dealing with the surface of the problem. If I were you I would look very hard at what she is eating...and drinking. For example, if she is drinking soda’s every day or, energy drinks this could be having a negative effect on her.

I know that it is difficult to control what a 15 year old eats, and it is difficult for them to understand how what they eat can impact on both how they feel and look (but, it does). So, that is where I would focus my efforts. Maybe, if the supplements that I suggested help, it may have the side effect of helping her eat better as well.

Hope this is helpful!

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