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Natural help for neurological disorder?

Question: from Lorraine

I have been taking Neuro-Natural General because it states it's good for the brain. I am 52 yr female. I have spinal cerebella ataxia 2 which is a rare neurological disorder. My brain stem is shrinking…dying.

I read in your newsletter about l-glutathione and astaxanthin. Should I be taking Total Balance or a supplement that contains these? I take lots vitamins which get expensive so I try to keep my cost down. I can't work. I get disability.


Answer: from Joanna Machin (Medical Nutritionist for Xtend-Life)

As you have type 2 and so are more concentrated at the moment on your neurologic reflexes, the main supplement type I would perhaps suggest is Neuro-Natural Recall over and above the others, at full dose, up to 8 per day in severe cases.

This contains ingredients to try to help with the normal function of the nerves, nerve endings, neurotransmitter actions and natural neurological chemicals. So this may help you.

Additionally Omega 3 / DHA Plus at 4-6 per day to help with reduced inflammation around these areas and additional function of the nervous system. This may help in addition. Total Balance could be added to make this a full 3-formula normal protocol, to help support the above 2, and to help provide additional nutrition to the nerve endings and nervous system.

L-glutathione and astaxanthin are included in this regime, yes, amongst many other specialized ingredients and more common co-factors to enhance their abilities, for longer-term action.

If you are taking a lot of other natural supplements, or meds, please let me know what these are and why, and I can see if you can reduce them in any way if you are on the above regime, so that you don't need both.

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