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    Dear Subscriber, You may recollect that Warren Matthews introduced me in a edition addition of Xtend-15sec-News...

    I joined Xtend-Life in Christchurch, New Zealand at the beginning of this year and have been assisting Warren in reducing his workload.

    I am a fully qualified clinical medical herbalist and have been living in New Zealand for about three and a half years since immigrating from Holland.

    Many of the questions relating to Xtend-Life Products and various health issues are now directed to me. Sometimes I may need to consult with Warren and other times with Prof. Dr. A Munem Daoud who directs our Research operations. Nonetheless I can assure Xtend-Life customers that they will get honest and accurate responses as has always been the policy here at Xtend-Life.

    Because of the large number of questions that we get, we have decided to select three relevant questions each week and publish a short newsletter in a format similar to the current Xtend-15sec-News. It will be easy to read and you will be able to decide within seconds whether the subjects covered are of interest. For privacy reasons only the questioners' initials and country will be published. Your privacy is assured.

    We think that this weekly service will be of interest to many subscribers.

    We are also planning to set up a database so these and any other questions can be easily found by referring to specific categories. This is a big job and will take some time to implement.

    Our biggest challenge is to be able to handle the amount of Email that we get in a timely manner. Whereas we have always attempted to respond within 24 hours we now have to adjust that response time to one business day in order to allow for weekends and holidays. As many of our customers are in the US and Europe, please allow for the time differences between your country and New Zealand.

    This new newsletter will be in addition to Xtend-Your-Life and Xtend-15sec-News, one of which is published each week. We will allow a gap of 2 - 3 days between the 2 Emails you will receive each week.

    During one of the first few issues I will let you know what procedures we wish to follow with regard to dealing with your questions, to ensure that we can still give good service without being overwhelmed.

    By the way, Warren mentioned last week that he was preparing a special issue of Xtend-Your-Life on the subject of depression and other neurological issues. This is still coming but it will be next week as he had to head overseas unexpectedly yesterday for 10 days. He will however work on it while he is away.

    I hope you enjoy this new additional service, the first one of which you will receive next week.


    Nicolien de Vries
    Clinical Medical Herbalist

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