Nutrient insufficiency boosting age-related diseases - Bruce Ames’ triage theory

Bruce Ames, one of the most respected professors in the field of biology and human health, is fine tuning his ground-breaking ‘triage theory’ which could soon be a slap-in-the-face for those authorities who insist on restricting access to nutritional supplements and natural ingredients containing important nutrients.

Professor Ames’ triage theory hypothesizes that short-term survival in human beings relies on the body prioritizing where scarce micronutrients should go. For example, if your heart lacks sufficient amounts of zinc, the body will source more zinc from areas that aren’t too essential.

This means that our short-term survival mechanisms operate at the expense of long-term survival mechanisms…which over time, could result in the onset of premature aging and in the increasing occurrence of chronic degenerative diseases.

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There are various published studies that give clear examples of the triage theory and you can read two of them by clicking here and here

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