One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Poison?

This popular idiom carries more weight than meets the eye. We’ve all heard that eating red meat is bad for you and with more and more headlines suggesting that people seek meat substitutes; I must admit I’m getting a bit worried that the media may be causing consumer paranoia.

Twice a day I’m reminded why I can both meat and vegetables. Whenever I brush my teeth, I see a dental formation that is suited for an omnivorous diet.

Now I perfectly understand why some people choose to live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, but that’s a discussion for another time…let’s focus on the consumption of red meat for this blog entry.

I enjoy foods like fruit, nuts, vegetables, fish, poultry and seeds. I also enjoy eating red meat. I know that all these foods are good for me and that like everything, eating them in moderation is key for maintaining good health.

Now consider the panic that the media is causing about the potential dangers of eating red meat.

Red meat for some reason usually gets slapped with the same cautionary tale as processed meat…the REAL bad stuff. That’s not really fair in my opinion.

Eating meat should be enjoyable for everyone who chooses to consume it. By reducing the amount of red meat you eat per week (maximum two to three times) and only cooking your meat to no more than medium rare, you should be able to not only savour the taste of red meat but also reap many nutritional benefits such as iron, protein, choline, carnitine, creatine, small amounts of saturated fat (which can be good for you, especially considering the role they play in hormone production), and many other vitamins and minerals.

Again, common sense needs to prevail. If you like eating red meat don’t go overboard and eat it everyday…but then again, don’t exclude from your weekly diet either.

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