Selenium…a Cancer Promoter?

Question: from Dennis

My wife has some Xtend-Life Total Balance Women's Premium supplements. Recently she read that selenium, rather than helping to prevent cancer, actually promotes cancer. Since she has a history of melanoma, she has stopped taking the supplements. Do you have any plans to remove selenium from your TB Women's Premium supplements?


Answer: from Warren

Hi Dennis,

I would really like to know where your wife read that selenium promotes cancer. Selenium is a really essential nutrient with proven efficacy in helping reduce the risk of cancer. In fact it is an essential nutrient and the lack of it may well promote cancer.

If you could give me the source of this information I would be happy to get back to you with more information. There is a lot of misinformation circulating about various nutrients and I suspect this is in this category. None of our researchers, formulators and Doctors are aware of this and we are constantly keeping up to date with latest news and we are unaware of this.

If there was even the slightest doubt or evidence to support that selenium was likely to promote cancer I can assure you we would not be using it. Selenium deficiency in the soil is believed by scientists to be a significant factor in the poor health of many people.

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