Recipe: Blueberry and Kiwifruit Smoothie Awesomeness!

Keep your skin aglow with this antioxidant rich blend. A {super-yummy} Zupafood smoothie loaded with fruits boosted with Zupafood for SKIN to help energize you and make your skin glow from the inside out.

Smoothies are cool and refreshing, so we have put together this delicious beauty blend. It contains fruits that naturally enhance your radiance from the inside out.
The perfect breakfast on the run!

Not only are they seriously tasty, these tiny morsels of antioxidant power pack a bite sized punch, helping to neutralizing free radicals that would otherwise cause damage to skin cells.

The brilliant source of vitamin C in the fruit world.  Vitamin C has huge benefits in keeping skin young and vibrant. 

Almond Milk
Containing a number of skin-nourishing compounds that can potentially improve your complexion. The monounsaturated fats can help nourish your skin. In addition, almond milk is rich in vitamin E, which may play a specific role in reducing acne. According to a study published in the May 2006 issue of "Clinical and Experimental Dermatology," low levels of vitamin E may be associated with severe acne.

Greek yoghurt
A mega get-gorgeous food! Greek yogurt is packed with calcium and protein to help maintain teeth (everyone loves a gorgeous grin). Yogurt also contains natural live active cultures that aid in digestion, help boost immunity, and mitigate the effects of lactose intolerance, leading to a flat and "happy" belly!

Coconut water
Skin hydration is very important. Dehydration leaves the skin lifeless. Coconut water hydrates dull and dry skin, bringing smoothness to the face.  Coconut water is full of naturally occurring potassium, a nutrient that many people are deficient in.

Boost it with Zupafood for SKIN
It contains Collactive, a special form of marine collagen and elastin polypeptides from France. The special NZ superfood blend helps enhance the efficacy of the Collactive as does the added Glutathione, extra Grape Skin Extract and Vitamin C.  B vitamins also play their part in maintaining healthy skin, and deficiencies in niacin and B6 in particular can have a big impact on your skin's appearance.


  • ¾ cup of blueberries
  • 1 kiwifruit
  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • ½ cup greek yoghurt
  • 1 sachet Zupafood for SKIN


  1. Wash and prep the ingredients. Use organic if possible.
  2. Add all ingredients to blender at once, than blend.  Add more coconut water for a thinner juice.


Blend, serve, enjoy…glow!

Superfood for Healthy Skin

Flavored with real blueberries, Zupafood for SKIN is a tasty tonic that not only supports your skin but works to revitalize your overall well-being.

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