Stand Up For Your Right To Stand Up

Right now, while you're reading this, there's a pretty good chance that you're sitting. You could be at home, at work or even on the bus or subway... it doesn't even matter if you're reading this on a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet device... right now at this very moment, you're probably sitting down.

"So what," you may be thinking. Well, as extreme as it may sound, you could be slowly killing yourself.

This infographic gives an interesting explanation of how prolonged bouts of sitting may contribute to the development of various degenerative diseases and other health complications.

As you can see in the graphics, the human body was never meant to sit around doing nothing for hours on’s a complex dynamic organic instrument that requires movement for optimal performance and overall health.

Movement - even standing - requires the body and brain to work together to ensure balance, blood flow, muscle movement and neuron firing to all function properly and burn calories.

Mankind has been moving for thousands of years...either trying to find something to eat or avoid being eaten. Even our forefathers a few generations ago were living active lives where physical work and mobile lifestyles were the norm.

Fast forward a hundred years or so and you find a society that’s becoming increasingly prone to hypokinetic diseases due to a severe lack of daily movement.

As I mentioned earlier, standing is a form of movement. It’s something to consider if you have a desk-bound job. At least once per hour, stand up and walk around your desk. It may seem like a small effort but helps the body break away from the slow torture that is sitting.

Am I standing while I type this? I’ll be I’m not. However, as soon as I’m finished I’ll be sure to get up and move around my work area before getting back to my work. I may even take my laptop to the kitchen counter.

It’s higher than any desk and enables me to work while standing...strangely enough, I find this more comfortable (and productive) than sitting.

I firmly believe that every office desk should have a section that can be raised to a level that enables a person to work in a standing least for as long as they wish, before lowering the desk section back to its normal position.

Not only will businesses have healthier employees, their productivity levels are bound to increase too!

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