Talking About Saving Our Younger Generation

Every generation brings with it exciting new developments, trends and prospects. This pattern started accelerating from the late 50s and early 60s with mass social movements towards a host of different elements that paved the way for how we live today. Health and wellness has never been high on society's agenda, regardless of the generation gaps, even though society in general has become unhealthier with each passing year.


As time has changed and lifestyles have become more urbanized, we seem to have sacrificed nutrition, exercise and our health in general for a frenetic pace of life and a 9 to 5 job that pays the bills to help keep us up with the Jones'.

Food has become more processed and readily available in convenient packages in order to meet the apparent "lack of time" we have to eat healthy at a cost that can only really be acknowledged by looking at today's youth.

The so called 'kids' of today are more obese and inactive than any other generation before them. Junk food, takeaways and a total lack of interest when it comes to exercise or physical activity has resulted in our children falling into the high risk category as far as type-2 diabetes and other hypokinetic diseases are concerned.


Well, let's consider the English rock/pop band, Mike and The Mechanics. They had a hit song called "In the Living Years" and the opening lyrics of this song seem to always strike a raw note with the following: "Every generation, blames the one before..." Are we to blame for today's Junk Food Generation?

The answer is simple...yes! Pizza, hamburgers, fries and sweets are fed to children almost as soon as they move from breast-milk to solids.

Soft drinks laden with sugar have replaced water as the thirst-quencher of choice amongst kids, while birthday parties are being held at fast-food outlets because of the 'convenience" and "cost-effectiveness" of it all.

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. 9 out of every 10 restaurants which have a kid's menu seem to serve the same thing...deep fried battered excuses for what is apparently food.

It's hardly surprising that childhood disorders and developmental conditions like ADD and ADHD have sky-rocketed since fizzy drinks, take-aways and junk food started becoming popular.

Society obviously plays some part to the shocking obesity levels seen in the youth of Western countries. However, a child's eating habits start at home and this is where parents need to ensure that the stress of holding down a job, paying the bills, keeping up with latest news and trends and putting food on the table doesn't end up affecting their children's future health...simply because it's easy, convenient or you don't have the time to make an effort.

A bit of planning is all it takes to ensure that you and your family not only eat healthier, but also spend quality time together playing your favourite sport or leisurely activity.

Eating a healthy diet every week is much cheaper than ordering from the drive-thru every day. Think about it, a deep-pan pizza or burger and fries cost way more than a couple of servings of fruit and vegetables. Best of all, you can even grow your own produce...try planting a few pieces of fried chicken and see how that gives you a return on your investment!

Although fresh fruit and vegetables are without a doubt better eating choices for you and your children, modern farming methods and soil nutrient deficiencies have led to fresh produce lacking in some key nutrients and minerals.

It makes good sense to therefore ensure that your children start their growing years with not just a healthy diet but also a daily supplement regime.

Total Balance Children's contains all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that every child needs. Specially formulated to provide the optimum amount of nutrients every day, it is arguably the best supplement on the market for your little one.

Because your child's brain is constantly developing with every skill learned, every book read and every playground game, Xtend-Life's Omega 3 / DHA Fish Oil Minis is ideal to fuel young brains. In fact, if your child has ADD or ADHD, you'll be pleased to know that there are hundreds of published research studies showing the positive impact that omega 3 fish oil has on children with these learning conditions.

Make the right choice and start paving a healthier and brighter future for your child today.

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