The End of Illness-Throw away your Vitamins Part 3. Conclusion

    So what did I think of this book overall?

    I was disappointed. I was really hoping to learn something new and constructive, and I didn't! Oh, maybe I should expand on that a little.

    I did learn something new but it is of little use to any of us at the moment, but it may have an application say 10 years down the track.

    I am referring to work which Dr Argus is involved in with his lab which is the study of proteins. He believes that genes are of little value when it comes to prevention of disease and that they only play a very minor role in your future good health. I go along with that as there is plenty of evidence to suggest that lifestyle plays a much greater role that what genes you were born with. Obviously there are exceptions to that in the instances of obvious genetic defects, but as a general rule that is the case.

    The work that Dr Argus is doing on proteins appears to have promise in that the type of proteins that you have in your blood may be an indicator of what may be degenerating in your body and provide advance warning so you can do something about it. But, it would seem that it would be many years away before this system becomes viable…then of course there will be the matter of what to do with that information when you have it.

    Hopefully Dr Argus will by the time he has perfected this system have spent some time studying supplementation and come to the realisation that drug intervention is not the way to go but rather nourishing the cells through professional supplementation is! Maybe he will ultimately team up with a specialist in this field and can when the time comes provide some advice which will really help.

    It was interesting to note in his book his views about the importance of gut health and the role this plays in preventing degenerative disease. He points out that the bacteria in our body outnumber the total sum of our body’s cells. The balance of good and bad bacteria is crucial in the body and the strains of these are numerous…much greater than that in a probiotic. This is one of the reasons why we never developed a probiotic which has been the craze for the last few years. They only deal with a small part of gut health.

    This is why we developed our natural Kiwi fruit supplement Digesten-K which amongst other things helps normalise the digestive system. Good health starts in the gut, no question about that.

    Should you read the book? I can’t give a recommendation either way. I can say though that if you are expecting to see a blue print as to how you can ‘end all illness’ you will be disappointed. I bought the Kindle edition from Amazon so it doesn’t cost much to find out for yourself if you are interested.

    Good luck, and good health.

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