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    Question: I’m a new customer to Xtend-Life but not to health supplements. Where does Total Balance stand in comparison to whole food supplements and how do all of the nutrients in Total Balance get absorbed by the body? I try to eat a balanced diet but realize perfect nutrition isn’t practically achievable so that’s why I’ve turned to your product.



    Hi Kyle,

    Basically, a whole food ingredient is one that originates from a food source. However, by the time you purchase much of your food , a good deal of the available nutrition from the original food source is lost. Soil depletion and industrial fertilizers mean that fresh produce today is already low in key nutrients even before being processed which further exacerbates the nutrient deficiencies.

    Total Balance not only contains many of the essential nutrients found in most foods, it also contains many specialty ingredients that you are unable to get…even by following a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

    All of these nutrients and ingredients are put together with many natural co-factor elements such as amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals to ensure that they are all fully metabolized and assimilated by the body.

    Finally, to ensure that all of these natural ingredients are released in your upper intestine for maximum absorption, every one of our Total Balance tablets are enteric-coated to protect them from being rendered ineffective by stomach acids.

    Remember of course that Total Balance as with all supplements is just a supplement and you should still make every effort to have a varied healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

    Kind regards,
    Joanna Machin

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