We have been hit by a severe earthquake…

    Many of our readers will recollect that Christchurch, New Zealand where our factory and offices are located got hit by a large earthquake in Sept. We were lucky that there were no fatalities at that time.  However, today around lunch time we had another massive earthquake. Unfortunately this time...

    However, today around lunch time we had another massive earthquake.  Unfortunately this time the quake was cantered almost under our offices and half the depth from the last one.  5km compared to 10kms in Sept.  As a result it was a lot more violent and the damage has been much more widespread.


    Sadly many people have lost their live by being crushed in their cars or trapped in collapsing building. The unofficial estimate at the time of writing this is 200– 400.


    This time our factory was severely damaged although our offices are not as badly affected.  Most of our staff have serious damage to their homes.  Severe aftershocks are continuing….four in the time it has taken for me to write this.


    For our customers who have just placed orders which were to have been shipped today there will be a couple of days delay as the airport is currently closed but should resume again soon.


    We will be assessing the damage tomorrow and will determine how long it will take us to get back into production.  We should have enough inventory on hand to ensure continuity for our customers until we get back into production.


    We will put a hold on blog entries for the next week although we will post updates.  Email and phones should be back on line again soon.


    We apologise for any disruption to customers, but it will be temporary and we will be back to normal as quickly as possible.


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