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What about this for a supplement regime?

This was a question raised on Warren's Blog where you can find many comments regarding this question and various others. Question: from David What would the effect be of taking a multiple of your products? Apart from popping pills all day, I thought the following regime looked interesting to me:

Total Balance Men's Premium
Omega 3 / DHA
Neuro-Natural Memory
Male rejuvenator

and possibly but not necessarily as a preventative measure Bone-protec, Lipi-Rite and Cardio-Klenz.

Having a family history of late onset diabetes I would look at Systemic Care as well.

While obviously a regime such as this would be quite expensive, would there be any reason to avoid such a path or would dosage be different because some ingredients are used across multiple products?

Answer: from Warren

Here are my thoughts on this regime:

Total Balance Men's Premium at full dose. (7 tabs a day)
Omega 3 DHA Fish oil at 2 or maybe 3 soft gels per day.
Neuro-Natural Memory at half dose - 3 tablets a day.
Male Rejuvenator at half dose - 3 tablets a day.

No need for Immu-Stay as you would be getting enough protection from the TB Premium.

Not really any need for Bone-Protec unless you have a proven calcium deficiency given that you will be taking Total Balance. Total Balance will help reduce the risk of calcium leaching from your bones and that is even more important than taking extra calcium, so it should not be necessary.

No need for Lipi-Rite unless you have significantly elevated cholesterol. Even then you would only need to take it for maybe 3 months because as from then on the cholesterol lowering nutrients in Total Balance should keep it in balance.

No need for the Cardio-Klenz unless you are over 40 in which case taking it for 6 months only might be a sensible thing to do as insurance...but I would wait until you have been on the current regime for a few months first. The new Total Balance Premium does contain many heart healthy nutrients which will help clean the arteries, such as Nattokinase.

No need for the Systemic Care either. A family history of it does not necessarily dispose you to getting it, provided you maintain a sensible diet. Once again there are nutrients in Total Balance that help maintain healthy blood sugar balances etc.

The above adjustments would create a regime very similar to my own. The only difference is that I do take 4 tabs of Cardio-Klenz a day, not because I have any heart issues but as I am 61 I want to ensure that I am doing all I can to keep my arteries in optimal health.

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