What would I do if I was diagnosed with Cancer?

This article was prompted by a question on my blog from Mike who was asking my opinion on the Budwig protocol for cancer. As cancer is a subject that interests most people I made a little article about what I would do if I was diagnosed with cancer.

Hi Mike,

I have heard about the Budwig protocol but have not studied it in details so I cannot offer an informed comment about this.

Over the years I have heard of the occasional success with treating cancer by diet alone. But, that would be pretty rare. Cancer is a complex disease and there are so many different causes and types that there is no one single answer and then no one can be sure that they had the right answer anyway.

If it is of help I can share with you what I would do if I was unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer.

The first thing I would do is to invest in almost every non invasive test I could. These would include blood, urine, stool and pH tests. I would have everything that measures organ function tested and levels of other bio-markers. I would also include a full panel of hormone tests.

My next step would be to find a physician who is trained both in conventional medicine and natural prevention/alternative medicine. I would also find a physician specializing in bio-identical hormones to explain the hormone results. This is important because most Doctors are not trained in this area.

After I had the results of all the tests I would question the Doctors and ask them to point out any anomalies in my results, and what they think caused them, and what they think could bring them back to normal. Now, remember that we are just talking about correcting anomalies NOT taking something to mask a symptom.

After getting their views on what could be causing the anomalies I would then start my own research based on common sense…and that is a lot of what good health is all about. My research would revolve exclusively around natural treatments, or at least solutions that avoid the introduction into my body of any substance that did not contain molecules that were identical to those naturally found within the human body.

For example, if I found my hormones were out of ‘whack’ (which could be a factor in the cancer) then I would consider hormone adjustment BUT only with bio-identical hormones from a compounding pharmacy, NOT from a pharmaceutical company. The reason is that the hormones from the pharmaceutical companies are not compatible with the human body.

This is why there are so many problems with HRT. The estrogen used is derived from urine from pregnant horses. The estrogen molecule in horses is quite different to that of humans and has no place in the body. Bio-identical hormones are however identical to those in humans and can be used safely if prescribed by an expert in that field.

OK…back to the next step.

After having done some initial research I would work out a program for myself and discuss it with a knowledgeable Doctor.

My program would certainly include a strict diet (with lots of things such as cabbage juice etc), eliminate ALL dairy products, exercise, rest and plenty of sensible sun exposure and if possible swimming in the sea.

Combined with this I would do meditation, and supplement with additional nutrients that have powerful anti-cancer properties. Of course I would take our Total Balance and a double dose of our Omega 3 fish oil, but also consider other natural substances.

The focus would be entirely directed to getting my organ functions back to normal and ensuring everything was balanced. Disease cannot survive in a body in which everything is functioning normally.

In other words I would ‘ignore’ the cancer and focus on everything else.

Now, I appreciate that this may appear a bit radical and it is not to be construed as me giving advice on this subject or recommending such an approach in place of conventional treatments. It is just my own personal opinion on what I would do with my own body. I feel it would work…but, there is no proof of that, and it would require a lot of diligence and hard work on behalf of anyone who chooses such a road.

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