When does 'natural' become a drug?

For a pharmaceutical company…when it appears there is a profit to be made.

A citizens petition has been lodged with the US FDA in an attempt to turn the common form of Vitamin B6 into a drug which would see it removed from all supplement formulations if the petition is successful. The FDA is supporting the petition.

Even though it does not directly affect us because we use the much more potent (and expensive) form of B6… Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate whereas the petition focuses on the common form of B6…Pyridoxamine it is the thin edge of the wedge and should be objected to strenuously. You are probably aware of the citizens petition that is still being argued in which another pharmaceutical company is trying to ban bio-identical hormones.

We are likely to see more of these ‘citizens’ petitions as the pharmaceutical company’s do their best to control or limit access to natural supplements which are seriously eroding into their bottom line.

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